About Nutty For You

Nutty For You is a macadamia orchard and retail shop, selling a range of macadamia goodies. We are located 1km from Waipu village, and if you travel through Northland on a regular basis you can't have missed our orchard next to SH1!


When I took over the site in 2005 it was being used for grazing only. Not a cattle farmer myself, I considered what alternative business I could set up. Macadamias caught my attention given they would make good use of our rich soil and Northland's warm climate. Further research into mac's made me realise what an amazing product they are and I could understand why there is such high demand for them, with New Zealand importing far more than it grows. 


From then I got stuck into taking out the shelter belts and planting over 1000 macadamias. Over the following years I was kept busy nurturing these trees and mulching and mowing most weekends. The long term plan was to get the orchard established and set up my own processing facilities. The ultimate pinnacle was to be able to showcase my orchard with onsite tours and a retail outlet.


The end of 2019 saw us open our shop doors for the first time and we have been blown away by the positive response we've had from both locals and those passing through-something we are very grateful for.


Despite a fire gutting one of our buildings and causing damage to our equipment, as well as the recent covid environment, in 2020 we have forged ahead and built a dedicated kitchen for our value-adding and packing. We're excited now to further expand our product range and to begin orchard tours in the near future.


Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our developments-watch out for an extension to our opening hours as we head into the holiday season!


Look forward to meeting you